custom home design and build process

Building a home can seem like an overwhelming task. However, with the right team, the design & build process can be a breeze! This page is filled with resources to help everything feel familiar once we get started.

Design Proposal
Construction Budget
Final Design
Contract Signing
Construction Begins
  • Our first step is a site visit where we review the scope and discuss budget, features, and so on.
  • After the initial meeting, we should have a good idea about initial scope, and budget,. From there, we will create a design contract that will outline what we will design, the cost of design services, and the goal of the design work in terms of project budget. Design fees will vary based on the project, but start at $3000.00 for non-architectural projects, and can be $10-$20k for architecturally-involved projects.
  • Once this contract is signed, we will measure the space and begin creating documents for the remodel. This will include space planning and cabinet plans if this is an interior remodel, as well as survey, archtiecture, and engineering if it is an addition.
  • Once we have the initial design approved, we will create a budget based on the design to make sure we are still in the proper price range. This should be considered approximate at this point because many details are still to be determined, and the tradespeople involved need to assess the site and verify pricing.
  • This is our best approximation at this point. Once approved, we move forward with a construction contract and collect a construction retainer fee of $5,000.00 that applies to the total cost of construction.
  • Here, we will select all materials and create multiple documents in order to have a very thorough package that does not require guess work or back and forth once construction has begun.
  • Once these selections have been made, and the design package is nearly complete, we will do a walk through of the site with our construction team. The site supervisor, Project Manager, and all tradespeople involved will walk the site together to verify scope, assess potential risks, and verify all pricing. These elements are then added into our construction documentation.
  • Once the last bits of feedback from the trades have been added to the scope, and all pricing verified, we submit a package for sign off. This will include floor plans, selec- tions, scope, and pricing. It will also include a schedule for construction, as well as a payment schedule based on milestones of completion.
  • Once these have been approved, and we have recieved a down payment, we order all materials for the job.
  • Based on our contractual start date, we break ground. Typically, this will be a couple weeks after cabinets have been ordered so that we are not waiting on material, but each project is unique and has different requirements.


The first step to involve Denver Design Build is to get in touch via phone or email. However, prior to reaching out, we encourage customers to set a realistic construction budget (please see budget section below), as well as create a Pinterest board or Houzz idea book to begin organizing thoughts. If financing is involved, we also encourage you to get pre- approved before the process of securing estimates.

In order to maximize efficiency, we prefer to limit a project commute to 30 minutes from our office at 100 Kalamath St in Denver. If a home falls in such an area, we’re happy to visit. For areas such as Boulder, Castle Rock, Parker, and other further out suburbs, we encourage you to find local contractor.

Though many General Contractors are 100% contracted, we maintain a staff of highly talented project managers, carpenters, and laborers. At this point, trades such as mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and so on are sub-contracted out. We maintain a consistent list of talented subs we use regularly.

While we have 2 architects and designers on staff, we are open to working with others should they desire to partner with us.

As mentioned, the first step is to compile a list of images and a project “wish list.” From there, we begin space-planning and incorporate both your wish list and design preferences. Our talented on-staff design team has experience working with clients to create a cohesive vision for each and every project. There will be multiple meetings in order to provide personal, face-to-face interaction, rather than digital correspondence.

Understanding Your Budget

These are some typical project costs for Denver homes. These are a great jumping off point. Depending on square footage, choice of finishes, and many other factors, your home’s price might differ.


Wondering where your dream home falls? Tell us about it!

Understanding Design







Now that you’ve looked through everything, feel free to drop us a line to tell us about your dream home!