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6 Tips in Honor of National Remodeling Month

May is a beautiful month in Denver. Hidden between a slew of unpredictable storms, and our first 80+ degree temps, we get to experience three… maybe four… days of spring.

It’s these delightful spring days that inspired the builder community to deem May: National Remodeling Month! The warm temperatures, coupled with long hours of daylight, make spring and summer opportune months for residential construction. So, in honor of May, here are 6 tips from the Denver Design Build Remodel Team for Denver homeowners:

  1. Start at the top and work down! The roof is essential to protecting your home and it’s contents. Whether you see a leak or not, roofing should be inspected regularly for damage winter may have caused.
  2. Below the roof, the arrival of spring and summer is the best time to renovate the exterior of a home as well. After a harsh Colorado winter, it’s ideal to have the exterior inspected. If you’re making repairs, why not also make updates?
  3. When remodeling your home, don’t forget the bathrooms! Updated bathrooms can add significant resale value.
  4. Projects don’t always have to involve knocking down walls. Although this is a ton of fun(!), a renovation can be as simple as updating cabinetry, flooring, appliances, or perhaps adding a few custom pieces to make your space stand out.
  5. Aging-in-place is a growing trend that can improve everyone’s quality of life within their home and does not have to look institutional (check out this gorgeous mid-century home we designed and built specifically for a client with these needs).
  6. Think about how you and your family use your home. Does it support your lifestyle and needs? Updating a floor plan based on how the space is used can make a home more livable than you may have ever dreamed!

Now that you have some ideas, tell us about your project!

What upgrades have you been dreaming about all winter long? Now is the time to make it happen!